Visitor Centre

The first stage in the development of Woodlawn House as a destination is the creation of a visitor centre. This will serve as a guide to the local monuments and walking trails throughout the estate, a history exhibit for the house and surroundings and a cafe and eatery supplied by local farms.

Peerage Centre

Plans have been drawn up for a museum and exhibition to showcase the legacy of the Irish aristocracy.  Once an influential force across Ireland, the UK and the wider world, the Irish lords have largely been left as a footnote in the history of Ireland.

The Peerage Centre aims to bring that part of history back into focus, within one of the architectural legacies they left behind.

Native Apple Orchard Scheme

Ireland has over 140 different native varieties of apple. Irish Seed Savers have a carefully curated seed bank to ward against these strains becoming extinct.  It is proposed that under the Rural Environmental Protection Scheme the Woodlawn Estate lands would host a Native Apple Orchard Scheme to cultivate these native strains and use them as stock for orchards around the island of Ireland.

Our own market for apples is worth over €80m per annum yet only €2m is spent on Irish apples. From planting to maintaining to grafting and harvesting the Native Apple Orchard scheme has the potential to create sustainable jobs, particularly in rural areas where employment is declining. 


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